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Match riders to the routes that suit them best

Current Needs

The Project

CycleReady makes it easy for bikers to find routes in San Francisco that suit them best.


Our goal is to help:


  1. Hesitant bikers get the hang of urban biking by providing information and tips on the routes nearest them

  2. All riders easily access bike info, swap tips, and advocate for their favorite routes


We are currently building a web app that features profile pages for San Francisco's most established bike routes. 





Front-End and Back-End, Mobile and Web App Developers Working With:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Mapbox

  • Heroku

  • Bootstrap

  • Javascript

  • D3

Data Geeks:

  • GIS data (shapefiles)

Graphic Designer



Create a mobile-first responsive web app that includes:


  • Clickable SF neighborhood maps

  • Route selection maps

  • Route profile page with route specific data and user-generated alerts



"I love the mobility of biking and can't wait to get to know the city by riding around more."
Sharu, newbie rider

Recently moved to SF. Unfamiliar with the city and not sure how to get around. Grew up riding in the suburbs. Would feel more comfortable avoiding high-traffic routes but would get lost navigating streets on her own.

"I'm pretty careful, but I'm also in my own world; I love to de-stress riding with my headphones on."
Roy, expert rider

Likes to ride on his own or at the head of the pack. Gets frustrated having to improvise when a bike lane ends or at a tricky intersection. Is vocal in the push to expand the city's bike infrastructure. Loves guided rides when travelling.

"I've had friends and friends of friends who have been in accidents while biking."
Alex, newbie rider

Unsure how to get started, from buying a bike to planning trips to preventing theft. Safety on the road is a primary concern, with traffic, absence of bike lanes, and one-way streets at the top of the list.


Choose your starting point

Compare your options



Find the route that's right for you


Use Cases

A newbie biker is looking to try short rides and get some practice close to home.

Choose the flattest route near you that avoids congested thoroughfares.

An experienced rider is looking for a two-hour ride over the weekend. 

Choose a route through neighborhoods you've been wanting to explore.

Newbie biker is looking for the safest way to Golden Gate Park for Sunday Streets

Find nearby rider heading to the park who can show the way or give  tips.


Current Goals 

Build three-step mobile-first web app:

Create a clickable map of SF neighborhoods

Create a clickable map of established SF bike routes

Build one route profile page w/ static, user-generated & public data

Route sketch

Bike lanes

Route description

Route elevation

Route distance

Bike resources along route

Bike shops along route


Route video

Route photo gallery

User alerts

Message board



[static data]

[user-generated data]

Bring data into the profile page:

Traffic volume on route

History of bike accidents

Other (see: data resources)



[public data]

Lay groundwork for future functionality:

> Scoring routes by key criteria (e.g., effort, safety)

> Creating multi-route journeys

> Connecting with other riders (e.g., newbies with expert guides; experts with buddies)

Page Flow


City Map

Select Neighborhood

Neighborhood Map

Select Route

Route Profile (tab 1)

Route Features

Route Profile (tab 2)

User Alerts

data resources

Data Resources

SF OpenData


SF OpenData (transportation specific)


MTA Data Catalog


Automatic’s API

See scope:vehicle:events for access to vehicle event details (e.g., hard_brake, hard_accel).

For questions:

Graphic Elements

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If you're interested in working with us or just want more information, we'd love to hear from you. 

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